PATNA : Todarmal is known for introducing land-revenue system in the India. The system made by him is more or less still applicable in the country. He had mentioned the process of land settlement and revenue collection in his diary. Todarmal wrote his experience about the land revenue in Persian. The 400-page Todarmal's diary is kept in the Bihar State Archives, Patna. It is known as 'Raqba Bandi Todarmali of Bhagalpur Pargana 1594 A.D.' This diary will be translated by experts from the National Archives. The translation work will be almost complete by the end of the year. By its translation, the Land Revenue Department will get many important information and will prove to be helpful in strengthening the land revenue system. 

     According to archivist Dr. Rashmi Kiran, it will be easy to translate it into different language after being translated from Persian to English. She said that this diary of Raja Todarmal is four hundred pages. The diary tells about the land revenue system of that time, the zamindari system of Bihar and the Mughal rule. The original copy of the diary is in the archives. The diary contains information about the land revenue system, how many villages were there during Mughal rule, what was the land, what was the format of revenue, how much revenue was received, etc. 

    Director of Bihar State Archives Directorate, Patna, Dr. Mahendra Pal said that the translation of the diary will give information about the revenue system and finance administration of that time.  (Courtesy-Dainik Jagran. Translated from Hindi)

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