Jaunpur (Uttar Pradesh) : Purvanchal University will become a center for saving folk literature scattered in the country and making them accessible to the people in simple languages. The state government has approved the establishment of a center of translation excellence here. This will be the first center of the state, where folk literature and culture of different languages ​​will be translated into other Indian languages. The task of its operation has been entrusted to the Journalism and Mass Communication Department of the University. The department is working to outline its operations. In order to realize the concept of EK BHARAT-SARVSHRESTH BHARAT under the National Education Policy, the government is also encouraging Hindi to focus on other regional languages. For this, approval has already been given to open a Center of Language Excellence in the university. The university has also been entrusted with the supervision of six other language centers operating in the state. Now a center of translation excellence is also being opened here. In this center, literature available in the folk languages ​​of different parts of the country will be translated into other languages ​​and publicized and disseminated. Till now, there was no system to protect them, so even after being very effective; their scope remained limited to a particular area. This scheme will not only preserve the folk literature and culture available in different cultures of the country, but people of other areas will also get a lot of opportunity to know and understand it. Local folk literature and culture are also expected to be promoted on the global stage.

Fading literature will get protection : All important folk literature has been written in various regional languages ​​including Bangla, Tamil, Oriya, Sanskrit, Assamese, and Punjabi. Due to lack of understanding of the language, people of Purvanchal are unaware of it. Similarly, in Purvanchal's Awadhi, Bhojpuri, all things related to folk art and culture have been written. It is unable to reach other areas. There is a lot of folk literature and books in English, Sanskrit too. The translation center will work to take them to the global level including all over India. Services will be taken through subject matter experts.

University will also monitor six language centers : Six language centers are already operational in different universities of the state. These include Uday Pratap College Varanasi, Allahabad Degree College Prayagraj, St. Johns College Agra, Bappa Srinarayan Vocation PG College Lucknow, Hindu College Moradabad and Digvijaynath PG College Gorakhpur. These centers are running different employment-oriented courses in different languages. The new center has been approved for the study of Hindi, Sanskrit, Tamil and Nepali languages ​​in Purvanchal University. Along with this, the responsibility of monitoring all these centers has also been given. The new Center of Translation Excellence to be created in the University will also support the smooth functioning of the Language Center.

The Center for Translation Excellence will play its important role in the promotion of Indian languages ​​in accordance with the provisions of the National Education Policy-2020. This center will translate the works of authors into other languages. This will promote folk literature and culture on the global stage.
-Prof. Nirmal S. Maurya, Vice Chancellor, Purvanchal University

With the tireless efforts of the Vice Chancellor, the Government has approved the creation of a Center of Translation Excellence in the University. The task of getting the department to operate it is a big achievement. A framework is being prepared for this. Soon a detailed report will be sent to the government.
-Dr. Manoj Kumar Mishra, Head of Department, Journalism and Mass Communication, Purvanchal University

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